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Aug 25 '12

For some reason “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” has removed Anna Kendrick from their promotional line up now that the film is on DVD/Blu-ray. 

As you can see from the Blu-ray cover above they took the original movie poster which once included Anna Kendrick and covered billboards, movie theaters, bus stalls, and subway stations all over the world and have completely removed her and her name. If you watch the latest trailer released which is embedded in this post they also removed any and all scenes that included Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford. 

Up until the DVD/Blu-ray release Anna participated in press conferences and junkets as well as red carpet premieres to support the film. Her character even had it’s own Twitter account and poster to help promote the film.

This is a very unfortunate turn of events and a total slap in the face to Anna from Lionsgate if you ask me. Though I guess they are really doing her a favor in the long run!

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